Mellow Yellow

Richard Burke


One of the constants in a garden is the changing colours, if you plan it that way. The dominant colour in our backyard these days is yellow, but splashes of purple, red, orange,white, pink, and, of course, green offer contrast and complement.

The peace rose is one of my favourites. It was developed the same year I was born in recognition of peace ending the Second World War.

Prickly pear cactus, which anchors our desert garden, has the most gorgeous, cellophane-like flowers. But, they’re short-lived.

We planted golden oregano as part of an herb garden, but it remains on the desert garden border.

Other plants shining these days are a succulent in front of blue agave, dwarf day lily, mini rose, ozark sundrops, ice plant and golden juniper among mother of thyme.yellow1cactusyellow2oregano

yellow3succulent yellow4daylily yellow5primrose yellow6minirose yellow8iceplant yellow9juniper

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