Meetings, events, activities

Meetings, Events, activities

Meetings are generally held the fourth Monday of the month,  September to November and January to June at the Lethbridge Public Library, 810-5 Avenue South in the Theatre Gallery. Meetings and Speaker begin at 7 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend – no membership required. We’re planning to allot about 10 minutes at the start of each meeting for questions and discussion about gardening concerns and success.

To donate to the Hort Society’s new project, Legacy Ornamental Gardens:

Meetings start at
7:00 p.m.
MEMBERSHIPS are valid from
September 1- August 31 and are available from Joyce Ross,

Jan.22, 2021

LDHS  is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting – watch for the link

January 25, 2021 7:00 p.m. ZOOM PRESENTATION


will talk about starting indoor spring gardening seeds, the use of grow lights, creating new plants from cutting and also some recommended planting varieties for this area.

Topic: LDHS Presents Zoom Meeting
Time: Jan 25, 2021 07:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 876 0863 6855
Passcode: 513390

A note and invitation from Lyndon Byers

How’s your pandemic going? Not much fun, eh? Yeah, I hear you. I’m not on board with it either. I don’t like having my life disrupted and all my work cancelled. I don’t like being not allowed to hug people. I don’t like thinking a virus has the power to hold all of our lives hostage. All we can really control is…how we react to it. I decided that I can let all this bring me down and make me resentful and angry, or I can try and create some joy and make the best of a completely bonkers situation. 

I think people will be spending a lot more time in their gardens this year. I don’t want to be responsible for people spending even MORE time on the internet between now and then, but on the other hand, I want to contribute. I want to offer something. I want to do something that makes a positive difference in the world. I wanted to do this before there was a pandemic, but I feel like it is more important now than ever. 

So, as one must do in times of uncertainty and change, I am learning to adapt. I am learning to evolve with the circumstances. The effervescent and sparkling Vanessa Young at the University of Saskatchewan is almost entirely the catalyst for this. She dragged me protesting and obstinate into the world of technology and web cameras and internet classrooms and she endured my anxiety, stubborn attitude, and initial negativity. This woman deserves a MEDAL. 

As a result of her persistence and kindness, I will be teaching a series of on-line gardening classes over the next month. If you enjoy the classes I teach, thank her. She is the only reason they are happening. These will be primarily (but not exclusively) vegetable growing classes! It’s only 20 bucks to take an on-line class. Go to the university website and register here! There were some hiccups with the previous registration process that they have now ironed out. You should have no problems! 

These classes should be FUN. They are as close to engaging with local community as we are going to get for a while so it behooves us to make the best of these weird times. I’m going to be making my best effort. I’m going to be making a genuine attempt to offer something engaging, educational, entertaining, and valuable. I’ve always tried to do that with my classes but when I can’t really make eye contact with you, when I can’t engage with you in person, when I can’t do hands-on gardening stuff with you…it is difficult. I’m trying hard to get past that and meet you where we’re at. I hope you will join me!!

See you soon! Sincerely,


Water feature dono

Legacy rose garden 

Renew/purchase memberships

Our Membership year starts in September and ends at the end of August. The cost is $20 per person or $25
for a couple. If you do purchase a membership, you will be eligible to obtain discounts from various garden
and landscape centres. Our memberships are available for purchase at every meeting, but do expire at the
end of August. Guests are still always welcome at no charge to listen to our speakers. Your support is always

During the year for members only, we have a garden book exchange, seed exchange, house plant swap and in
the spring, a perennial swap and plant sale. In the summer we arrange some day trips for our members to
various gardening events if they are out of town and/or gardens in the area, as well as visits to our own open
gardens. We also have a welcome back BBQ and Pot Luck, which is also included.

Hospital Beautification 2016  (archived)hosp1

The Chinook Regional Hospital in Lethbridge sponsored a beautification project for its grounds last spring. The Lethbridge and District Horticultural Society volunteered to plant and maintain one of the raised beds. To view the hosp2results of our effort, go to the main south doors (the visitors’ entrance) on 19 St and 10 Ave S. Our bed is one of the big raised beds on the west edge of the driveway. Thank you to Hort Society members Marion, Cathy and Penny. And to some of the young people who work in the hospital, too. To see what other volunteer groups accomplished, walk around and enjoy all the beds including the ones on the west side of the building.

1 russet at sunset

A thank you from High River (Archived)

I’m one of the fortunate gardeners who received plants from you in early May when the society, and your friends, so kindly came to High River.

I have no way of knowing who contributed the glorious Irish russet and tall yellow iris I brought home, so I thought I’d send some photos and a thank you to the whole society for you to pass along for me. You did so much to cheer us up and give us hope.

Best, Melanie Collison

Lethbridge gardeners send 1,000 plants to High River (archived)
By Richard Burke


What would be better on a cold, snowy-rainy day, the first Saturday of May in Lethbridge, than gathering about 1,000 plants from local gardeners in the City Hall parking lot? Delivering the plants to still-stricken High River residents who lost their gardens with much else in last June’s flooding.
The Lethbridge and District Horticulture Society responded in April to a request from High River to organize a Lethbridge to High River Plant Share to help in re-greening the city of close to 13,000 residents. Some 500 homeowners are in need of plants to get started in rejuvenating their yards, the society was told.
“Our need is great,” said High River organizer Laura Brankovich. “So many homes in the community were affected. We need the support of a larger number of gardeners from an area not affected by the floods.”

Nine Horticultural Society volunteers collected plants donated between 10 a.m. and noon and loaded them onto three trucks, a van and a sided flat-bed trailer. The plants were delivered about 1:30 p.m to a quonset-type structure in High River, where they were unloaded and sorted according to sun or shade plant needs by another seven volunteers from High River assisting five from Lethbridge.

As one said, “Since the flood, we’ve met an incredible number of really terrific, helpful people. Events like this really renew my faith in humanity.”plantshare1

Residents who need the plants were scheduled to start picking them up at 3 p.m. Based on five plants allotted for each adult, about 200 residents took plants home, said Laura Brankovich. The plants were all distributed by 5 p.m., ready to be planted in their new gardens – when the weather co-operates.

“The way they responded was truly inspiring. The number and variety of plants was really exciting to see as we were unloading the vehicles and that huge trailer,” Laura said.
“It was an exuberant day, right from when the plants arrived and we were setting up, until the end. It was great seeing people walking out, so happy with what they were taking home, and so appreciative of your efforts.”
About 50 Lethbridge gardeners donated plants ranging from anenome to achillea (yarrow) and almost every perennial in between. Included were a full-sized alpine currant bush, a couple of roses, small spruce trees, a few fern-leaf (and other) peonies and lilies (one even bought about a dozen asiatic lilies to give because her garden wasn’t quite ready to work in.)

Lethbridge organizer and volunteer Yvonne Bruinsma, said, “The best part of the day was the sincere appreciation expressed by the High River volunteers. That made all the effort worth it for me.”
Added Penny Dodd, another Lethbridge volunteer, “It was a wonderful day.”

Horticultural society President B.J. Boutlon-Gunn, said, “Considering the weather and this being our first such project, I was pleased with the results.”
Other Lethbridge volunteers were Kim Gunn, Frank Jankunis, Roger and Elnora Durupt, Marlene Holst-Burke and Richard Burke.




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