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leaf1acroppedTo apply for membership, contact LethbridgeHortSociety@yahoo.ca or see Yvonne at one of the scheduled meetings at the library.

P.O. Box 11, Lethbridge, AB, T1J 3Y3
LethbridgeHortSociety@yahoo.ca or Penny Dodd
Phone 403-380-3809.

To donate to the Hort Society’s new project, Legacy Ornamental Gardens: https://wp.me/P8hYxd-2T

Here’s a brief history of the Lethbridge and District Horticultural Society, as presented by BJ Boulton-Gunn to a Commmunities in Bloom luncheon.

November, 2018

The new Board of Directors for 2018 – 2019 was approved at the Annual General Meeting on October 22. Penny Dodd has graciously let her name stand as President. Paul Stevenson has agreed to act as an interim Vice President to assist Penny with her duties. New board member are Cathy Littler and Elnora Durupt. Cathy Littler has consented to act as our new treasurer, as Yvonne Bruinsma has now resigned. 

2018 – 2019 Board: 

Penny Dodd – President 403-380-3809 p.dodd@telus.net

Paul Stevenson – Vice President 403-327-4103 stevpa@telus.net

Judy Matlock – Secretary/Newsletter 403-329-3920 jamatlock52@gmail.com

Cathy Littler-Treasurer 403-359-3093 dizzle@telus.net

Marion Jankunis – Director at Large 403-381-9118 mariongj@shaw.ca

Dr. Ken Richards – Director at Large 403-394-4123 richardsken@hotmail.com

Charles Winchester – Director at Large 403-393-1454 chucklesw2000@yahoo.com

Joyce Ross – Director at Large (Memberships) 403-328-7148 joyceross2013@gmail.com

Rick Ross – Director at Large (Advertising) 403-328-7148 fj1ross@telus.net

Elnora Durupt-Director at Large 403-328-3156 erdurupt@gmail.com

Website and Facebook – Richard Burke 403-317-4006 richburke45@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hi there,
    I’m moving to Lethbridge from White Rock BC, in early August. I Love to make my own vegetable and herb garden and am wondering whether there are any of the above, including root vegetables that I can plant in August? Or will a potential frost kill them in Sept.?
    Any advice? Would an above ground planter work? Or could I plant ground level?
    Thank you so much!


    • Hi Lara,
      This unbelievably tardy response to your question shows I have not been doing my job. Hope you will eventually see this. If you were hoping for a fall harvest, you could plant annual herbs–chervil seems to be growing all the time in my garden. But August is too late for nearly all veggies. Maybe peas, spinach and kale–crops that can take some cold–would develop before we have a killing frost. Few plantings are done in the fall here. Even daffodils need to be in the ground by mid Sept for them to set enough roots for good spring growth. Garlic planted in the fall grows very successfully, and many people fall seed greens such as spinach, mesclun mix, lettuces and some annual herbs.

      Hope you will have successful gardening experiences in 2017. If you come to a Hort Society meeting, please introduce yourself to me.

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