A nudge toward greenhouse opening

It’s curbside business as usual at Green Haven Garden Centre, at least until the first week in May, says co-owner Karen Barbie.

Word came last Thursday from the provincial landscaping group to greenhouses like Green Haven that garden centres have been classified as an essential service by the Alberta Agriculture minister. Posts this morning on Seed Swap and elsewhere displayed the letter.

Ongoing meetings at Green Haven involve planning for a safe opening.

“The hardest thing is to make sure everyone is safe. There’s a lot to make sure it’s right.

“We cover a big area – the inside greenhouse for mainly bedding out plants and the large outside area for perennials, shrubs and trees.”

It’s a combination of keeping the staff apart and and customers properly distanced, she said.

“We’ll need to co-ordinate two sets of lineups, one inside and one out.”

Nursery stock has been ordered for some time, but suppliers are awaiting  word from Green Haven to deliver plants stored outside.

“One wanted to deliver this week” but they are not ready for that yet.

Meanwhile, local customers are wanting bedding out plants such as tomatoes and peppers that can be delivered through curbside ordering.

“It’s just day to day for the next two weeks.”

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