Hanging on in November

gazanialupinThe recent mild, even hot November weather has given us added time to complete outdoors projects, such as painting window frames, pressure-washing the deck, garden-bed clean-up and garlic planting and winterizing the greenhouse, where a few tomatoes are still ripening on the last plant.

The cane yucca and agave continue to survive outdoors, although they will be moved into the greenhouse this week. You’ll see gazanias in Palm Springs this time of year, but not usually Lethbridge. Hanging on as well are flowers on a white garden phlox, lilac-coloured mum, orange calendula, Winnipeg rose, red lupin and purple salvia.

And, clamouring to be recognized are brilliant leaves on the hydrangea and spirea shrubs and strawberry plants.

Do you have any flowers continuing to bloom or anything else unusual in your garden fhydrangeaor November?spirea Send a photo to richburke45@gmail.com or add a photo into a comment on the Lethbridge Horticultural Society Facebook page.

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